Program of IKGRC Workshop is now available.
This year's website is now available. This year's challenge is called "Knowledge Graph Reasoning Challenge for Social Issues 2024 〜The challenge will be held under the name "Toward Safety and Security in Daily Activities" using more practical data and challenges. For details, please see the application guidelines.

Outline of the event

With the recent increase in interest in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, triggered by Deep Learning, it is expected that AI technology will become widespread and embedded in various social systems.
In this context, for AI technology to be used safely and securely in society, it is essential to have AI technology that can explain the reasons why the system reached its decisions (with interpretability) in order to verify that the system is operating correctly and to guarantee its quality.
Against this background, the Semantic Web and Ontology Research Group of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence has held the Knowledge Graph Reasoning Challenge since 2018, a contest aimed at sharing awareness and developing and promoting necessary technologies for reasoning (estimation) using artificial intelligence techniques. Based on the experience and knowledge gained from holding the Knowledge Graph Reasoning Challenge to date, we have decided to hold a more practical contest on the subject of safety for the older adults, the "Knowledge Graph Reasoning Challenge for Social Issues," a more practical challenge on the subject of safety for the older adults.

Motivation: According to a 2010-2012 survey, 77.1% of accidents involving people aged 65 and older occurred in "residences," making the maintenance of life safety in the home an important social issue. By setting the issue in a concrete and familiar setting, namely, in the homes of the elderly, We believe that by setting the issue in the home of the elderly, we can attract the interest of a larger number of people. The "Knowledge Graph Reasoning Challenge for Social Issues The "Knowledge Graph Reasoning Challenge for Social Issues" provides a standardized dataset of knowledge graphs and videos, which will be used in the future to develop safety technologies not only for the elderly, but also for children, factory workers, traffic safety, and other target audiences. It can also serve as a platform for applying safety technologies to a wide range of subjects, including children, factory workers, traffic safety, etc., as well as the older adults. Detecting accident risks with concrete explanations and showing safer alternatives could in the future be embodied in the form of cyber-physical systems, AI speakers, AR systems, etc., which will be a useful tool for occupants, home designers, and professionals in safety engineering, etc.


2023/11/24 Challenge applications now open
Announced the start of the challenge at a meeting of SIG of the 61st SemanticWeb and Ontology in JSAI!

Each participant is expected to tackle the challenge on his/her own

2023/12/25 0:00 Challenge Application Deadline (Extended)

2024/2/9 Morning (Hybrid) Final Presentation and Awards Ceremony

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This work is based on results obtained from a project, JPNP20006 and JPNP180013, commissioned by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). And supported by JSPS Grant for Scientific Research 19H04168

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